nvidia rtx ray tracing

NVIDIA RTX is officially the new King

The announcement for the new RTX 20 series was announced today. Many gamers has been anticipating for this new graphic cards, either to buy the 10 series with a cheaper price or just want faster performance with the 20 series. The new RTX graphic cards are equipped with real-time ray tracing technology that can make games more alive. There are also a lot of games that jump into ray tracing hype train, such as Final Fantasy XV, PUBG, Shadow of the Tomb Rider.

Turing is the huge leap since 2006

With the new architecture called Turing and smaller 12nm chip compared to the 14nm last year, there will be more performance and efficiency. It combines next-gen shaders with ray tracing and the power of AI. Now maybe you are wondering how the power of AI can improve gaming. It is because with AI, it enables NVIDIA to perform image enhancement by performing faster deep neural network processing. They also introduce the new GDDR6 that has 600GB/s of memory bandwidth to improve the speed and pushing high resolution gaming. NVIDIA seems to push heavily on ray tracing by having cooperation with Microsoft to build new DirectX Raytracing API in Windows 10. Compared to the 10 series Pascal architecture, NVIDIA claims that the new Turing architecture will have 6 times more performance. However, in my findings, these claims are only for Ray Tracing performance measurement that is named “RTX-OPS”, while the traditional performance measurement using “teraflops” is not listed. Guessing from the clockspeed that is lower than the 10 series, the traditional performance will only increase around 10-20%. If you still do not know about ray tracing, here’s a video that can help you understand what is it.

If you can see the reflection of the light perfectly on the robot skin, that is what NVIDIA means by ray tracing. You can also visit NVIDIA’s website for more details.

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