HyperX Cloud Mix : HyperX's first bluetooth headset

HyperX announced Cloud Mix its first bluetooth headset

HyperX has made a lot of gaming peripherals from mouse to keyboard and headset. Thier HyperX Cloud series has been in many news headline saying that it is the best bang for your bucks for a gaming headset. They actually already have a wireless headset, but it relies on a wireless dongle. Now, they have announced its first bluetooth headset HyperX Cloud Mix. It uses bluetooth to connect to your PC and also to your smartphone. So you can use it anywhere not only for gaming.

Latency is very critical in gaming. 1 ms delay can change your game. As we know that gaming peripherals company has used wireless dongle instead of bluetooth to reduce latency such as its competitor’s headset Razer Nari. We haven’t tested it yet, so I am not sure how this bluetooth technology will be doing. However, HyperX also includes a wired connection for you console gamers out there. Cloud Mix is certified for Discord and TeamSpeak. The wired connection have Hi-Res audio certification also.

HyperX has avoided to go with gamery black and red design that makes you shy to wear it on public. I still don’t like the large “HX” branding on the side of each cup though. It is rated for 20 hours of continuous playback on wireless. HyperX Cloud Mix also comes with detachable boom mic, so your teammates can hear your voice clearly on your gaming. While making you to not look stupid using a boom mic, when you out there with your smartphone just listening to music. Despite of that, the company also provides Cloud Mix with built-in microphone and detachable in-line audio control if you want to connect to your smartphone via 3.5mm jack (if your phone still has it of course).

However, the downside of this headset probably are it still charges using micro-USB not USB-C and still uses Bluetooth 4.2. I know that there is no problem with Bluetooth 4.2 but Bluetooth 5.0 uses less power and has more range which sounds good also.

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