Siri Shortcut with Spotify

How to use Siri Shortcuts with Spotify

Finally iOS 12 is here. Apple has promised to give us better Siri integration by allowing third party developer to use Siri Shortcuts. For you who just updated and want to have this, you have to search for “Shortcuts”, make sure that the developer is Apple and install manually on App Store. Unfortunately, Spotify has not updated to support Siri Shortcuts for now but I will share a workaround to use this. Siri Shortcuts is very powerful, you can customize any command you want (if the third-party apps support it), such as Google Maps, GIPHY, etc. For those coming from Android, it is very similar to IFTTT. However, for Apple users, this app may be confusing to use. I will do some introduction on how to use Siri Shortcuts in general.

How to use Siri Shortcuts : the Beginner Guide

For every command that you use, you have to see first by pressing the info button “( i )” and check the input and results. The input command need to be placed above this command. You can search for it also. If the input needed for that command is a text, you search for “text” and type inside it. If it is URL, you can search for “URLs” and type the URL. You might need to do trial and error to get into this. If you are lazy to do this, you can check on the “Gallery” button on bottom right screen and choose the preset that is available.

How to use Siri Shortcuts to play music with Spotify

Siri Shortcut for Spotify

To use this, you need to prepare some Spotify URL link of the playlist that you want to use for.

  • Go to Spotify Apps
  • Press the “Three-dots” button on top-right corner
  • Choose “Share”
  • Choose “Copy link”

I suggest you choose link of an album or playlist for this instead of individual song. After this go back to your Shortcuts apps and click on “Create Shortcut”

  • Search for “Create from Menu” command
  • Fill in the Prompt with any text that you like, and fill in the option that you have
  • Search for “URL” command and paste the Playlist/Album link from Spotify (to move the order of the command, you can tap and hold and rearrange)
  • Search for “Open URLs command” and put it below the “URL” command
  • Try to click the “Play” button above and check if it is working correctly

Just a note, you have to arrange this sequentially. As shown in the picture, below the “Eminem” is the Spotify album link then open URL. You can continue adding this first. However, Apple limit that Shortcuts can only have “Play music” command from Apple Music apps only. So you still need to have 1 more click on “Shuffle Play” after you got into the Spotify apps.


Update #1 : You can make the “URL” and “Open URLs” command only, just to launch the album that you want. This way you only need to click the Play button on Spotify

Update #2 : I found a way to search & play music, here’s the Siri Shortcut for Spotify link


  1. Spotify is not showing up in the apps list to even add so I can’t even start any of your directions.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I included the download link on the “Update” part. It is updated version of my guide. You can check that out.

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