Upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone Xs

Want to upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone Xs? Here’s 5 reasons not to

This question may be bothering all the new iPhone X users since Apple just announced the iPhone Xs on 12 September. Many review website has already given their opinions. Probably you have watched all the iPhone Xs review. In our site, we also have our side-by-side comparison of iPhone X vs iPhone Xs. Here in Southeast Asia, the only country that has received the new iPhone is Singapore with a price tag up to S$1,800+. If you are Apple loyalist and living in their walled garden, chances are you already have the new iPhone X. Is it worth upgrading to iPhone Xs though.

Here’s 5 reasons not to upgrade your iPhone X to iPhone Xs

  1. They are expensive.

    If you bought the iPhone X then it means you already spend a lot of cash to get it. This year’s Apple marketing strategy is to discontinue iPhone X and replace it entirely with iPhone Xs with the same price tag. If you are in US, you can join Apple upgrade program. You can then replace your phone for free but need to pay monthly fee for that. If you are like me and living in third world countries, you are not in luck. Sticking with iPhone X maybe a better choice.

  2. The battery life is not that great improvement over the iPhone X.

    iPhone Xs BatteryWe all know that every year, Apple usually improve their battery life. This year they claim that it is longer by 30 minutes compared to iPhone X. Yes, this is true in some cases such as gaming and heavy GPU tasks. Since they have improved the GPU performance and efficiency by far. But when you browsing internet using 4G, this is completely different story. iPhone X even wins against iPhone Xs Max. According to appleinsider, iPhone X lasted almost 1 hour more than iPhone Xs. Mind you that this is using 4G LTE, not the Wi-Fi used for iPhone X and iPhone Xs comparison.

  3. iOS 12 has make iPhone X faster, better.

    If you haven’t updated the iOS 12 on your device. You should. There are a lot of improvement on iOS 12 that can make your device performance faster. This year iOS update focuses on making the older device better. Even the iPhone 5S are still getting the update. On my iPhone X, I feel it is snappier and camera opens faster. But the most important thing, FaceID is faster and finally you can swipe up again to retry to scan.

  4. The accessories compatibility.

    iphone xs not fit iphone xiPhone X and Xs have the same dimensions. Yes, they are. But the size of the camera bump is different. iPhone Xs has larger sensor, so they have larger camera bump than the iPhone X. If you are using bumper case, then you should be fine. If you bought the Apple leather case for iPhone X, well, it won’t fit or it will fit but the cutout will be weird. Other third-party cases, since they are not perfect-fit, it will have some room to accommodate the larger camera bump. But keep in mind that, it might look a bit ugly or people might think that you bought cheap case that is not even fit for your new iPhone.

  5. The bundle that you get with iPhone Xs.

    In every unboxing video of iPhone Xs, you will notice a similarity. Complaint about no fast charger which Apple never did anyway with the iPhone X even though it supports it. Also complaint about no headphone dongle. When Apple removed the headphone jack on iPhone 7, they provide a dongle or adapter to convert from lightning to 3.5mm jack. But this year’s iPhone Xs don’t have it. If you trade the whole package of iPhone X to iPhone Xs and you don’t have an AirPod, then you have to buy it from Apple for $9. Yes, it is cheap. But for a phone with $1,000 price tag and have to buy separately is just too much now.

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