Samsung Galaxy S10 overview : Samsung has no chill

Samsung Galaxy S10 overview : Samsung has no chill

Samsung just announced Galaxy S10 and how they line-up their products are their answers for Apple’s new iPhone line-up. They also have the same price point with the iPhone. However, Samsung has done some of good work of this year’s line up.

Galaxy S10 has a serious performance boost

For the one who lives in US, you are in luck because you will be getting Snapdragon 855 that we knows will have a good driver support. However in other markets, Samsung will ship with its own Exynos 9820 processor. The last time I used Samsung devices, it didn’t have a good support and that makes my Samsung Galaxy device obselete faster than the Snapdragon siblings. This is the reason I avoid buying Samsung if you are in South East Asia market like me.

Snapdragon 855 vs Exynos 9820 Antutu Benchmark
source : PhoneArena

This year’s Exynos 9820 has a serious performance boost though. Some benchmark records that Exynos is still slower than A12 but not significantly, even Exynos has 8-cores while A12 only has 6-cores. If you look on AI processing unit though, Apple puts 8-core while Samsung puts dual-core. Samsung has been increasing its RAM capacity each year. The top tier Galaxy S10 will have 12GB of RAM. This is insane, it almost comparable to my gaming laptop. Samsung also decided to put 1TB of internal storage and you can still expand it by using microSD card.

Samsung’s love story with headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy S10 headphone jack

The world is shifting to bluetooth earpiece now. Samsung choose to walk its own path by still including headphone jack in its Galaxy S10. For me, I don’t mind whether a device have or doesn’t have it anymore. I always have access to my bluetooth earpiece and it never dies on me when I am using it. I know some people still want to use the headphone jack for some occasion such as wanting to listen music in an old car that only accept AUX connection.

Feature-packed Galaxy S10 : Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader, Wireless PowerShare, Triple rear camera, Dual selfie camera

galaxy s10 ultrasonic fingerprint reader

Seriously, Samsung has no chill with its newest phone. They put everyone’s favorite ultrasonic fingerprint reader. That means the screen doesn’t have to stay on when you want to scan your finger. There is a downside of this implementation though. Since it uses ultrasonic waves to detect your blood flow and ridges of your fingerprint, you cannot use a screen protector. Not the bad one. If your screen protector leaves just a little air gap in between, you won’t be able to scan your fingerprint. The good thing is it is faster than the usual optical under-display fingerprint. Although it is still not as fast as the usual fingerprint reader.

wireless powershare on galaxy s10

Samsung also follows Huawei path to implement reverse wireless charging or what they call Wireless PowerShare. Meaning that your Galaxy S10 can wireless charge any Qi-enabled device. It will only have 4.5W power output though. So probably the best use case of this feature is to charge the new Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds. Samsung also has software limit to stop the charging when Galaxy S10 reached 30%. That way you don’t have to worry that your battery will die because your friend ask you to charge their device.

For me camera on a smartphone is important. Samsung puts 3 rear camera on its phone, except for the Galaxy S10e. The normal angle camera, telephoto camera, and wide-angle camera. They said that it has 123-degree field of view, similar to what our human eyes capable of. Rumors also said that Apple will also include 3 cameras on 2019 iPhone, but we still doesn’t know what the third camera will be. With Apple and Samsung joining 3 cameras train will make 2019 smartphone standard has to have 3 cameras. (We’ll see Google Pixel)

Learning from mistake, One UI and Bixby Button

Samsung One UI

I have a bit of complains on Samsung’s new One UI. It has a good way to solve the problem of large screen phone that our thumbs cannot reach. The design also looks more elegant. It also has tech favorite’s dark mode. My only complains is that, the design of the icon is weird. It looks to cartoon-ish and feels inelegant sometimes. I also hate the placement of the default back button. Well at least, Samsung also learn from its biggest mistake to push everyone using the Bixby button. Now you can remap that button to whatever app that you liked.

Samsung makes a great device but why it feels boring

Overall, Galaxy S10 is the best Android that you can buy right now. Probably until Note 10 released. However, Galaxy S10 just looks boring. It has the almost similar design of S7, S8, and S9. I thought the 10 should be wow. The specification game is also strong with this one. Packing 12 GB of RAM is overkill. Do you really needs 10 apps to be opened in the background instantly? You might think that you can use this phone for a long period of time then. Well with the Samsung’s way of supporting Android currently I don’t think so. The S9 and Note 9 just received their Android Pie several weeks ago. This August Google will announce new Android already.

Samsung Galaxy S10 overview

I hope Samsung will just focus on software optimization like One UI and delivering the software update faster, rather than playing the spec-game. But for $1,000 device and having top-tier specification, I can guarantee that it is worth it for now. If you care for latest software support, I don’t recommend you to buy Samsung.

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