Pixel 3 Scratches

Pixel 3 Scratches Easily on Frosted Glass Back

The world has been stunned with the Google’s Pixel phones for the past years. They build such a nice hardware. However following the trend of 2018, Google with the Pixel 3 chooses to go with glass back for wireless charging. Google’s vision to make the glass not slippery and still rocking that dual tone back of Pixel, make it goes with normal glass on the top and frosted glass on the bottom. It is nice to hold the phone and it also feels grippy. Despite of that, recently many owners complained that Pixel 3 scratches easily on the frosted glass section.

Keys and Coins Scratches on Pixel 3 Easily

Even with the coins and keys that usually won’t scratch glass easily on smartphones these days. However, the Pixel 3 scratches way too easy. Google has not come up with any confirmation about this. On our finding, the top part of Pixel 3 that has normal glass is not scratched at all with keys and coins. Only the frosted glass that has this behavior.

It is not a Scratch Actually, We Can Remove the Scratch

How to remove scratch on Pixel 3

After thorough examination, the frosted glass on Pixel 3 is not scratching. Because frosted glass is textured, it is actually the dirt from the coins and keys that sticks in between the texture of the frosted glass. This is why some scratch if you smudge it hard enough will be gone. We have several tips to clean this :

  1. Use wet cloth to wipe it, it will make the dirt goes away.
  2. This is a bit extreme. But if the dirt is hard to remove, use a soft toothbrush and rub it with soap (recommended).

That’s it, you will feel like you are handling brand new Pixel 3. You don’t need to worry about your phone since Google Pixel 3 is water-resistant with IP68 rating that can submerged under water for 2m in 30 minutes. Just be sure to let it dry first before you charging your phone.


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