OnePlus 6T : the only Android that can compete with Pixel

OnePlus 6T Announced : The only Android that can compete with Pixel

If you haven’t known OnePlus brand. It is Oppo’s subsidiary. They are one of the example of the optimized Android. Giving users the features that they need and not just for gimmick. It has announced OnePlus 6 this early year and now upgrading it to 6T. Honestly, the same thing between those 2 is only the chassis that they used. Other than that, I feel like looking at a completely different phone. There’s smaller notch with teardrop design, bigger OLED display, and the main spotlight is on its in-display fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 6T Notch


6.4″ Optic AMOLED display with teardrop notch and smaller chin

OnePlus has been going with Optic AMOLED for a while. Basically, it is AMOLED display that is calibrated for tone and color using a software and capable of keeping it bright outdoor. The new and welcome addition this year is the teardrop notch. They took the idea of Essential PH-1 and make it more appealing in a curvy way. Inside this notch still has the usual ambient sensor, RGB camera for face-unlock, and proximity sensor as well. You read that right, face unlock from the OnePlus 6 is still available here. It might not works well at night since it does not have IR sensor similar to Apple’s FaceID. However, you got another option the in-display fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint sensor

In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Unlike OnePlus 6 that has fingerprint on the back of its phone, OnePlus 6T has the fingerprint sensor beneath the display. It is still uses the optic sensor, means that your screen need to be crank-up its brightness whenever you want to scan your fingerprint. This might cause some annoyance if you use it at night. The second thing that I am concerned is about the OLED display. At this point, we all know that OLED display is susceptible to burn-in. Samsung has tried to mitigate this by shifting pixel a bit so that the LED is not constantly turned on in that particular pixel. However with the in-display fingerprint, it needs to light-up on that particular sensor everytime. We should see later how is the durability of OnePlus 6T’s OLED.

OnePlus 6T is One of My Favorite Android, but…

The 3 Android devices that I praised because of its optimization is Pixel (of course), Sony, and OnePlus. They are all using almost similar to Vanilla Android and just adding the features that it needs to. Don’t need for a gimmick. But after years making fun of Apple for the 3.5mm adapter, OnePlus has to do it as well. There’s no headphone jack. Probably because of in-display sensor and its bigger battery. They did make the chin smaller though. I don’t mind this because I mostly use speaker or bluetooth earpiece if needed.

OnePlus 6T no headphone jack

My another complain is the camera, OnePlus’ camera has been average this whole year and I hope they will step it up. Based on the specifiication of that camera, the main camera has 1.22µm pixel size. While the competition like Apple and Google are using the 1.4µm pixel size already. The bigger the pixel size, the better the lights that come inside the camera, resulting in better low-light performance and more details.

We also have to compromise with the speaker, since the teardrop notch probably not enough to put on a big amplifier. It is just an earpiece. Thus, OnePlus 6T only has single bottom firing speaker. I haven’t tested it yet. But I hope at least it can be loud enough since they did not include the headphone jack.

Despite of that, I am pretty sure that OnePlus 6T will perform well and get update faster than its competition. It is running modified Android 9.0 Pie called Cyanogenmod out-of-the-box and Snapdragon 845 like its other competitors. Face unlock is really really fast and the inclusion of in-display fingerprint sensor can give users flexibility to choose. The price is also half of the iPhone Xs price. If you are not locked in Apple ecosystem, picking up this Android phone is no-brainer.

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