iphone xs max charging issues

#chargegate is real? iPhone Xs and Xs Max have a charging issue

iphone xs max cannot chargeAfter the famous antenna-gate on iPhone 4, now it seems everybody was hoping that Apple repeats the same mistake. This month Apple has been in a headline on almost all magazine. Not because of their expensive iPhone release, but because of charging issue on their new phones. This could be an additional reason to not upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone Xs.

Worry not, this has to be achieved in certain behavior. You have to plug your iPhone Xs Max while it is idle and laying flat on the table. The second that it is woken up, then it will start charging. There is a video about this iPhone Xs serious problem from Unbox Therapy already and discussion from the Apple community. The owner of the phone has emailed Lewis to make a video about this on his desperate attempts. He said that he emailed Apple support and created a discussion about this but still does not find any answer.

How to avoid iPhone Xs charging issue

  1. To always tap your screen and make sure it has the charging sound playing. (Apparently sometimes it still doesn’t charge your phone when you wake it)
  2. Use a wireless charger to charge it. (It seems this issue only persist if you use a lightning cable to charge your phone)
  3. Try to enable or disable the USB accesories setting. (Under FaceID setting)
  4. Clean install your iOS 12. (Don’t forget to backup first)

Up to when this article is written, there is no official answer from Apple. From my point of view, since this problem affects a small group of iPhone X users, it might just be a bug on iOS 12. So if you are the owner of an iPhone that has this problem. You don’t need to be too worried. I know it is a fatal bug from Apple but it is better than faulty hardware that might break the internet dubbed as “Charge-gate.”

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