Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL: Top Notch Flagship from Google is Real

For all of you tech enthusiast, you might have seen Google Pixel 3 leaks from a long time. Now Google has unveiled it. It has a more premium design, thanks for the glass back. But it still has the two tone color on the back. How Google achieve this is by using frosted glass to make the glass on Pixel 3 has more texture. Compared to the Pixel 2, it also has more weight on Pixel 3 because of the glass and that makes it feels nicer on the hand. This years Google also has added new color called “Not Pink”. Of course, one cannot just take a glance on the huge not.

Feature-packed phone

Even though the leaks that we saw is true. Google being the best software company still has some surprise for us on the software side. Here’s the list of all the feature you can get from Pixel 3 :

  • Call-screening feature

    Google Pixel 3 call screeningAs what it is called. All series of Pixel devices will be able to do screen spam calls and provide transcription for you to read in real time. You might still remember Google Duplex on the Google I/O event. Now before using call-screening feature, the person on the other end will be notified that they will be talking to this service from Google. It will be available next month.

  • Top Shot

    Google has been really good in the computational photography for a while now. This feature is borrowed from Apple’s Live Photos. Where the camera will record half second before you press the shutter button and half second after you press it. Then it will automatically choose the best picture for you. With Google’s AI power of course.

  • Group Selfie Cam

    wide selfie camera on Pixel 3We know some rumors about the super selfie camera. If you look closer on the Pixel 3’s huge notch, you will see that it has dual camera. It is not used to capture portrait mode, but the second camera is used for wide-angle. This way you can fit more people into your selfie without you have to be separated in the group. Google also claims that it will be 184% larger than iPhone Xs

  • Lossless Zoom

    Google has been taking jabs at Apple by saying that they only need 1 camera to do Portrait mode. Now they are enhancing it by using this 1 camera to do the same job as telephoto lens. By using (again) AI, Google can zoom to the picture and let the AI do its jobs to retain all the detail again. So the zoomed picture will be crystal clear, even though it is using the same camera with the same focal length.

Pixel 3 Specification

Pixel 3 Pixel 3 XL
Display 5.5 inch 6.2 inch
Resolution 2160 x 1080 2960 x 1440
Processor Snapdragon 845 octa-core (2.5Ghz + 1.6Ghz)
Storage 64GB, 128GB
Rear Camera 12MP
Front Camera 8MP(standard + wide)
Battery 2,915mAh 3,430mAh
Water protection IPX8
Wireless charging Yes

My first impression of Pixel 3

Finally, Pixel 3 has wireless charging capabilities. Google has also announced its own wireless charger in this event and it looks really good. Might become our candidate for the best qi wireless charger. It is nice to see that this year, small flagship got all the same love as its bigger siblings. Even Apple is doing this as well. The only differences between the 2 phones usually are screen and battery. We will need to see how the camera performs and improves. But from what I saw in the live event, it is quite promising. Apple really needs to step up their game now for next year.

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