Apple iPhone Battery Case: iPhone X Forgotten?

Apple’s iPhone Battery Case : iPhone X Forgotten?

Apple has announced its own iPhone battery case for Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. As this article is written, the battery case hasn’t been sold yet. However, the problem is that Apple seems to not even try to support the iPhone X anymore. There are no new official cases for iPhone X this season and now Apple mentioned that the new smart battery case is not compatible with iPhone X.

Apple new iPhone battery case doesn't support iPhone X
Screenshot from Apple Support page

Several things that you have to compromise when you buy the new iPhone battery case

Even Apple said this, Rene Ritchie from iMore on his twitter said that he tried it on iPhone X and got accessories incompatibility pop-up. However, after dismissing it, it will work fine. If not you should either reboot your phone or update your iOS. That’s it. The downside is that this case has precision hole on the speaker and mic cutout for iPhone Xs. As we know, there are some differences between the design of iPhone Xs and iPhone X. iPhone XS has asymmetrical cutout that is different with iPhone X.

iphone xs speaker and microphone layout

The cutout that will be blocked if you put the iPhone X into the new battery case is housing the microphone. In the new iPhone Xs they moved the microphone to make rooms for its new 4×4 MIMO antenna. So you might have to test out if it will make you sound muffled or not, but you don’t have to compromise for the speaker since it is the same dimensions of holes. Another thing that you have to compromise if you invest on the new iPhone battery case for your iPhone X is the camera cutout. Apple has a thing to make their case has a really fit cutout for their iPhone. Since iPhone Xs also holding new camera sensor that is larger, the camera is a bit taller than iPhone X. So you might find a bit of gap there.

Should you buy the iPhone battery case for your iPhone X?

Other than that it works fine, you will still see the dual battery icon on the lock screen when charging the battery case. You can still use the wireless charging to charge both devices. The battery widget also works fine for iPhone X. So if you have no concern about the microphone and the gap on the camera, you could buy it. Although, I cannot recommend it since we doesn’t know if Apple will issue a software block or not for the iPhone X or will they release another smart battery case for iPhone X separately.

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