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Apple WWDC 2019 shows some easter eggs on what iOS 13 looks like

As Tim Cook said “Apple has something that will blow your mind away”, it gets me excited already. Apple has been a stale after iPhone X release. Sure, it is a major redesign on the device hardware. However, they haven’t changed iOS that much. If what Tim Cook said was right, this year WWDC 2019 will be awesome. Apple usually also include easter eggs on their WWDC invitation, here is my prediction on how iOS 13 will blow your mind.

Dark mode coming to iOS 13


As you can see, Apple actually sent several different image of their WWDC 2019 Invitation. However there is one similarity. They use Neon-like icon with dark background. Usually they use lighter color rather than dark color. Probably this is what dark mode in iOS will look like. Many users have been begging Apple to include Dark Mode for a long time. However, with the iOS 11 that has many bugs, Apple chose to focus on performance first on iOS 12 which previously is rumored to have Dark mode also.

Lightning image : Reverse wireless charging (PowerDrop)

reverse wireless charging powerdrop

Beside the Apple logo there is a lightning image. I probably suspect that this is reverse wireless charging similar to what Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei did. As we know AirPods 2 will also support wireless charging, so this feature could be used to charge your new AirPods in emergency. According to rumors, it will support how many of battery percentage are you willing to share when this feature is activated. This way you can rest assured that this feature won’t deplete your battery, if you forget to remove the device that needs to be charged after some time.

More Homekit Support

More Homekit Support

From several WWDC 2019 invitation, there is a changing icon from lightbulbs to something similar to a remote, and a button. I believe this means more HomeKit support. Last year, Apple announced that HomeKit no longer requires specific hardware to be able to support HomeKit. With only Software authentication, it can use HomeKit SDK now. This results in growing smart devices that use HomeKit.

As we already know, Google Home and Amazon Alexa also do not need a specific hardware, that is what makes them more developer friendly. Many devices supporting them instead of HomeKit. Apple tries to tackle them by launching HomePod and software only authentication, however the function is still limited now. One of my request is that if Siri can schedule smart plug without needing the app, that will be a win for Apple, since neither Google Home nor Alexa has this feature yet.

iOS apps to support MacOS

ios apps support macos

On the several invitation image, there is one with an icon about iOS SDK as well. As you know WWDC 2019 is a conference for the developers, Apple started to move some of its iOS apps like Stocks and News to support MacOS. They also promise developers that in 2019 they will be able to make iOS apps work with MacOS also. I think Apple will introduce new SDK for this. It will be really cool if Apple’s Handsoff feature that makes whatever you do on iPhone synced to Macbook via iCloud. So for example if you edit some videos in iMovies on MacBook then you have to go somewhere, you can continue to edit in iPhone or iPad. This is probably one of the features that can blow your mind.

One that is interesting is that in the 9 o’clock direction the icon is changing from Launchpad in MacOS to Calculator to Apple Music to Joystick. I will say that Apple will enable Handsoff feature for sure to make this app works seamlessly. Along with the Game Center in iOS will support MacOS.

Share widget revamped

new share widget

Apple sharing option is a bit clunky in the way it is right now. Apple has also been experimenting by changing new icon in Share widget on the last iOS 12 update. Still not quite sure about this, but it is a welcome improvement because currently the Share widget is a bit messy from my opinion.

Several HUD changes

several hud changes

On this year WWDC 2019 images there are some new icon that I think could be HUD changes. Rumors saying that Apple will finally change its pop-up Volume HUD to take the center screen entirely. Along with this change, there could be changes also in Loading animation and Fast-forward also when we are in QuickTime player. It’s about time, Apple.

Some WatchOS 6 improvements

new exercise mode

WWDC is not specific for iOS. There are a lot of OS that could be updated as well. One of them is WatchOS 6. There is an exercise ring icon in here that could indicate Apple is working on new Exercise mode feature. As they mention last year, they are also focusing on more health-related feature. So we might see updated ECG detectors in the new Apple Watch Series 5 as well.

WWDC 2019 is about developers afterall

Although it is fun to see the easter eggs that they provide. WWDC is always a highlight for developers. There is Swift and XCode icon there along with the ARKit SDK, Metal SDK, TestFlight tools for beta-testing. I believe Apple is still pushing on Augmented Reality (AR) with rumors saying the new iPhone will have new Time-of-Flight camera sensor that will help on AR as well. Apple also changing on how people can download and manage Beta profile on their device, so probably they will change something for TestFlight app as well.

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