Apple Watch 4 Cellular or GPS

Apple Watch 4 Cellular vs GPS only : How to choose?

Upcoming 2 November, Apple Watch 4 will be available for the rest of the world. Similar to Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 4 has the cellular and GPS only option. However the change this year is they come with different materials option, stainless steel and aluminium. The stainless steel material matches the new iPhone Xs/Xs Max stainless steel band. It even comes on Space Grey, Silver, and Gold color. On the stainless steel band, Apple goes extra miles to protect the screen by using sapphire crystal. If you want to choose this option, it only comes with cellular + GPS option and hefty price tag.

How to Choose Apple Watch 4 between the Cellular vs GPS-only Option

    • Always Have Your Phone by Your Side

      On Apple Watch 3, Apple seems to discriminate towards the GPS only option and makes the internal storage only 8GB. Fortunately, this year’s Apple Watch 4 both cellular and GPS only option have 16GB of storage. There is no different in terms of functionality for both option as well. Only some features that the cellular can do it without the needs to be connected to your iPhone.

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    • Carriers Availability

      If you plan to choose the aluminium one, where I think most people will buy this option. It comes with Cellular or GPS only option. However, it also depends on your countries mobile operator. As of this article is written, the only countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) that support Cellular option for the Apple Watch 4 is Singapore (SingTel) and Thailand (True, AIS, dtac) only. But if you want to future-proof your watch and has some cash lying around, go for the cellular option. Just to keep in mind as well that you have to pay monthly fee for the cellular option to work on your brand new Apple Watch 4. You can also check the carriers availability from the Apple website directly.

    • Do You Have Some Cash Left for the Monthly Fee?

      Since Apple Watch uses eSIM to stay connected to the cellular service, many carriers put a price for the monthly fee. Based on my calculation, the fee is almost similar for all countries around $10. You don’t need to get separate package as far as I know since it will share the same number as your phone.

    • Your Current Phone and Your lifestyle

      For the cellular option to work, you also need an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 12 or later. If you are the type of person who doesn’t do a lot of extreme workout that requires you to leave your phone, you better stick with GPS only option. Mind you that Apple creates cellular option not to use it solely on LTE all the time since it will take a toll on the battery. They intend that you will have flexible option just in case you need to leave your phone behind.

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  • The Deal Breaker

    Finally, the most important factor might be is your budget. You should ask yourself how much are you willing to spend your cash on this wrist computer. It only acts as your phone’s extension anyway. Moreover, the average lifetime for the Apple Watch is 4 years since Apple has decided to stop the support for the original Apple Watch. Just to remind you, the cellular option is more expensive and you have to pay for the monthly fee as well. So if you always have your phone by your side, go for GPS only option. It has no difference in terms of functionality and specification.

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