Apple Launched iPhone X Repair Program for Faulty Display Module

Along with the Apple launching new Apple Store in Icon Siam Thailand on 10 November. They also launched iPhone X repair program to replace the faulty display module. Apple says that it only affects small amount of device, but considering that Apple shipped a lot of iPhone it might affect a lot more than we thought.

iphone x screen issues

You can Replace Your iPhone X for Free

Additionally, Apple usually said that this issue affected the certain model number that means certain production batch. However with this iPhone X issue, they didn’t state anything about the model number. So it might be random and can affect any iPhone X devices depending on their margin of errors. Apple only said that you can experience touch issues because of failed component on the display module. This touch issues could be ranging from the screen or only part of the screen not registering your touch intermittently or the screen move by itself that usually called “ghost touch.” If you have replaced your screen because of this issue, Apple will give you refund.

What to do before Replacing Your iPhone X Display Program

Anyway, if you have this issue you could go to Apple Store or authorized dealer and get your screen replaced for free. Please mind that if you have cracked screen you have to resolve that first or Apple might charge you for fixing the cracked screen.

Another thing that you should mind is that you will not get replacement units, so that means your phone will be opened and the display module will be replaced. It is better if you backup your phone first before replacing this. Since if the process goes wrong, then you might lose all your data.

Me myself has been experiencing that some part of keyboard not registering my touch sometimes. I consulted with the Apple Store and they suspect it might be because of my screen protector. They said that they could replace it still but they don’t find any problem with my screen.

As of writing this article, my local Apple Store has confirmed that there are no known issues about the display on iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

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