ipad pro 2018 more powerful less bezel

The New iPad Pro 2018 redesign : More Power, Less Bezel

The new Apple’s most popular tablet, iPad Pro 2018 has been redesigned. The new design is similar to the iPhone X redesign. Apple’s vision is to eliminate bezel and make and all-screen display. Gone is the home button and come is the FaceID. However, FaceID will be able to work on both portrait and landscape orientation. They also make a similar swipe gesture on the iPhone X to the new iPad Pro. It is a welcome upgrade since many people liked how intuitive the gesture is.

Apple has been known the set their own proprietary accessories. It has changed now. They are following the Qi wireless charging on iPhone instead of using their own standard and now the new iPad Pro is using USB-C. Apple claims that their vision is to make this iPad more versatile. You can plug to your camera to import photos faster or plug to the external screen for better viewing experience and it can even charge your iPhone if you have the USB-C to Lightning cable. But gone is the headphone jack. You have to use USB-C earpiece to listen to music now.

Well I think this is what we have to compromise this 2018. The headphone jack is dead,

ipad pro new design

New iPad Pro Redesign

Apple has made the iPad Pro bezel thinner, similar to the iPhone X last year. Not only the bezel is thinner, but the iPad itself also become thinner. To utilize the space inside this thin body, Apple goes with the similar body design to iPhone 4 and 5. It is boxier rather than curvier. The panel on this iPad is still LCD. You know Apple’s LCD is one of the best right? Apple even makes its own anti-aliasing to produce the curve at the corner of this LCD screen.

ipad pro powerful performance

Getting Close to Ultrabook Performance

Powering the new iPad Pro 2018 is the A12X custom made by Apple. It is the same powerful chip inside the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with more high-performance cores. So now they have 4 efficiency cores and 4 high-performance cores. Not stopping here, Apple also makes their own GPU with 7-cores. In the live demo, the NBA 2K series is really good. Apple claims that it will have the same XBox One gaming performance. For this thin iPad Pro? I am impressed. They still have the 8 Machine Learning cores from the A12 chip as well.

Not only good at gaming performance, but Apple has also touted that the new iPad Pro will support Adobe Photoshop. Not the mobile version, the full version. Adobe also demoed that you Photoshop image can be exported to AR, so you can see your creation standing in front of you. It will be nice if they can add Final Cut Pro X to this new iPad, especially with more and more YouTubers going mobile.

the new apple pencil

Apple Pencil Charges Magnetically and Supports Gesture

If you remember with the iPad Pro last year, Apple also announced the Apple Pencil with a “revolutionary” way of charging it. I wonder how many people broke the lightning plug on that Apple Pencil. This year, there is an elegant way to charge and pair your Apple Pencil, by magnetically charge it. The Apple Pencil also has been redesigned to make it similar to normal octagonal pencil. It also has a new gesture. You can double tap your Apple Pencil to switch from pen mode to eraser mode in Apple’s note app. Apple even open the developer with API to make use of this gesture. This year, you can also engrave text on the Apple Pencil.

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