5 Best Protective Cases for iPhone Xs/Xs Max

If you just bought the new iPhone. You will want to protect that expensive investment. Since the phone is sandwiched with a glass back to enable wireless charging, you don’t want to see the glass shattered. This recommendation will be for the one who wants a protective case but not ugly to look at. Let’s take a look

5 Protective Cases for iPhone Xs/Xs Max

  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

    It comes in 2 colors, gunmetal and silver. In my opinion this is the most beautiful case while still maintaining the Certified Mil-Grade Protection. The material used is combination from TPU and PC (polycarbonate). So there will be a rigid frame to act as the case bumper and plastic inside to protect your phone further.

  2. Rhinoshield Mod NX

    This case is my favorite protective case for iPhone. It claims that it can stand 11 feet or 3 meter high drops and you can choose to use bumper mode or standard case mode.
    Bumper mode will just cover the side of your phone. So you can show your beautiful iPhone while have a minimal protection. The standard case will have a backplate to cover the back of your phone. The backplate has many designs that you can choose or you can just stick to the standard clear backplate.

  3. Pitaka MagCase Pro

    PItaka MagCase ProAfter you see the picture, you will say that this case is good. It is made from 100% aramid fiber not just cheap plastic that is painted to be carbon-like. This is the same fiber that you will find on a kevlar armor. So do you think this case is not protective enough? It also keeps the slim profile with only 0.25mm thickness.
    If you own the Pitaka MagMount for wireless charging in the car. The backplate of this case has a magnet to help holding your phone still while compatible with wireless charging.

  4. Apple Case

    Apple Leather Case
    I know I know. This case does not provide military grade protection whatsoever. However, it provides minimal protection just enough if you don’t drop your phone a lot. It has the Leather option or Silicon option. Both cases feel great and protective enough for a waist-height drop. The Leather one will develop nice patina effect if you use it long enough. It also keeps the profile slim and everything is fit perfectly. You also will still have the exclusive Apple logo embossed at the back of the case.

  5. dBrand

    dbrand skinThis is not a protective case. Rather a scratch-proof case. You know that iPhone has glass back now. It will be prone to scratch. So does the stainless steel band. If you dont want to add bulk for your phone, this phone skin is your best choice. You can also choose a lot of pattern. This phone skin is textured also, so it has more grip.

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