Best Qi Wireless Charger

The Best Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone and Android in 2018

Qi has been a standard for wireless charging in smartphone now. Most iPhone and Android phone manufacturers are adopting this standard. Although the technology is still not perfect, wireless charging provides convenient that traditional charging can’t provide. You can just put your phone on top of the wireless charger instead of trying to plug in into the charging port. The limitation for wireless charging is the speed. Its speed is not comparable to the wired charging and it also can make your phones hot. But don’t worry, here we also have some tips to wireless charge your phone safely.

Here’s a list of the best Qi wireless charger for 2018

  1. Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger 10W

    samsung convertible fast wireless chargerSamsung has been in the wireless charger industry for a long time. Furthermore, after the Note 7 fiasco, they will make sure that their device or charging device works properly. They nailed it with this wireless charger. It has USB-C connector, can charge up to 10W, using faux-leather finish, and have a fan to prevent excessive heat. Not only that, it is also convertible. So whether you like your phone facing to you or laying flat on table, it can accommodate both options. Unfortunately, you have to provide your own fast charger.

  2. Ravpower Hyperair Fast Wireless Charger 10W

    Ravpower Hyperair Wireless ChargerProbably you never heard this brand. Ravpower provides a good deal for wireless charger. It includes the fast charger adapter inside the box and its Hyperair technology helps your phone not to overheat. It is a thermal control protection built into the charger itself. They actually have many variants also, whether you want flat, standing, or even their new car wireless charger. For the price, you get a good deal with the QC3.0 included.

  3. Mophie Charge Stream Pad mini 5W

    mophie charge stream pad miniApple introduces Qi wireless charging support with iPhone X last year. One of the manufacturers that Apple has partnered with to support their own frequency for wireless charger is Mophie. This year, Mophie announced more variants of device ranging from car charger to even powerbanks that support wireless charger. The one that I picked as the best variant from them is this Charge Stream Pad mini. It goes up to 5W only, but its form factor makes it easier to carry around.

  4. Belkin Bold BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Stand 10W

    Belkin Bold Boostup Wireless ChargerBelkin is another manufacturer that goes along with Mophie for Apple’s official partner for their wireless charger. This year, it announces new variants called Belkin Bold. I can’t deny that it is the most elegant wireless charger I’ve ever seen. Although it is a wireless charging stand, it supports both landscape and portrait orientation. It also goes up to 10W, so it is not only support iPhone but also most of Qi-enabled Android smartphones.

  5. iON Wireless Plus Fast Charging Pad

    This is from a brand called iOttie. This wireless charger is interesting because it uses fabric material and has additional charging port behind this wireless charger. I think this iON wireless charging pad will go well with Google Home that has fabric material also. Other than this pad, they also make wireless charging stand and car mount charger.

I am sure that there are other great wireless chargers also other than these lists. However, these are the best I can find right now. I hope wireless charging will become more popular again next year and many more accessories support Qi wireless charging. It is very convenient compared to traditional charger that I have almost never plug-in my phone again. However, researchers also need to find a way to wireless charge more effective and not generate excessive heat.

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