10 Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

10 Best Apple Watch 4 Tips and Tricks : You can do a lot more

After having Apple Watch Series 4 for almost a month. I found out about many tricks that you can actually do and save your time while doing so. Here are the tips and tricks for Apple Watch Series 4.

10 Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 4

1. Access notification and control center anywhere

You know that if you are in application, it is hard to access your notification or control center. Not really. Instead of going back to your watch face and swipe down or up, you can long press on the top or bottom when you are in application to access the notification or control center.

2. Measure your heart rate faster

Measuring Heart Rate with Apple Watch

You probably know the biggest features for the Series 4 is the ECG. It has leads on the crown button to help measure your heart rate. ECG is only available in United States currently. However, you can still use it to measure your heart rate. Normally, when you measure your heart rate it is updated every 5 seconds or so. If you hold your finger on the digital crown, it will be updated every second and more accurate.

3. Lost your phone? Ping and make it flash with Apple Watch

You can ping your phone by accessing control center and push the ringer button. It will ping your phone. However, if you long press it, it will not only ping but also flash your phone. So you can see where is your phone.

4. Mute your Apple Watch notification sound

Have you ever been in meeting and suddenly your watch rings? You can quickly cover your watch for 3 seconds to mute it. However to do so, you have to make sure you have turned on the setting. Go into Watch app on your iPhone, then go to Sounds & Haptics and make sure the cover to mute is turned on.

5. Force close stubborn apps

If some apps stuck and freeze on your watch don’t panic. You can long press the side button until the power off menu shows up. Then you can just long press the crown and it will kill your apps.

6. Wake your watch screen using digital crown

Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown

When you are in a dark room and don’t want to bother others but you want to check the time. You can slowly scroll the digital crown and your Apple Watch will slowly turned on from low brightness to really high if you scroll too far.

7. Add your own Auto-reply

This will only be useful when you are using iMessage. Will not work with Line messenger or other third-party apps. You can actually customize the default reply by going to the Watch app on iPhone and go to Messages. There you will find “Default Replies.” Scroll to the bottom and you can find “Add Reply…” Now you can custom your reply, so you don’t have to dictate or scribble it everytime.

8. Turn on Apple Watch fall detection

Fall Detection Series 4

I am sure that many of you has known this feature and even may be tried to make it triggered. However, this feature is initially disabled by Apple if you are under 65 years old. You can turn it on by going to Watch app and Emergency SOS. Then enable the Fall Detection. The reason why Apple disable this for everyone under 65 years old is that usually people that are active can false trigger this alarm.

9. Privacy & Convenience using Passcode

If you are the type that respect privacy but don’t want to enter the passcode everytime you open your watch. Go to Watch app, then Passcode, and turn on the Unlock with iPhone. This way when you are near with your iPhone it will be unlocked. So you don’t have to sacrifice your convenience for your privacy.

10. Clearing All Your Notification on Your Apple Watch

Clear All Your Notification on Your Apple Watch

Apple has introduced grouped notification with WatchOS 5. It really helps the clutter. However, if it is still too messy for you. You can actually go to Notification Center on your Apple Watch and Press the screen firmly (Force Touch/3D Touch). Now you will see “Clear All” button. Just a tip, you can actually choose which app can deliver notification to you watch by either going to Notification setting on the Watch app on iPhone or by swiping that notification to the left and press the 3 dots button. It will show you pop-up if you want the notification to be delivered quietly or don’t show on the watch anymore.

I hope this helps you guys a lot. Share your own tip on the comment section below. Happy Holiday everyone!!


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