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Apple Airpods : The Best True Wireless Earbuds Yet

Apple announced Airpods around 2 years ago and it still sells really well until today. The first question that will come to your mind will be why this silly wireless earbuds still does well. Well there are some compromises with the company that is obsessed with design to make an Airpod. That is because they want the Airpod to have a good microphone for calling. They have to put the microphone facing downwards and use the beam-forming technology to filter out unwanted noise.

Airpods W1 chip

W1 Chip is the Secret Sauce

How can a tiny earbud cost around 5,000 THB or 2,000,000 IDR and has a silly look. You have to look past the bad design. Apple has made a custom W1 chip to control their bluetooth earbuds and it does everything well. They process the beamforming to cancel out noise, keeps the connection without any delay, and it also process the sound signal well.

I won’t say it is a good wireless earbuds for listening to music but it is okay, everything is balanced. Another reason why this chip is so good is the pairing process with iPhone is really magical. You open the case near your iPhone and it will pop-up a confirmation to pair the Airpods and that’s it. It also keeps the bluetooth connection really stable, I haven’t experienced any connection drops from this.

Airpods Case Scratches

Bad Design, Bad Durability, Bad Noise Cancelling

If you are planning to buy this Airpods before holiday sale, consider these things first. First the case looks like a dental floss, it is convenient because it is small but it scratches way too easy. After 4 days getting my Airpods and keeping it on my separate pocket in my bag, I got horrible scratches. You can get a case for your Airpods case if that’s your thing.

Second, the first day I received my Airpods, the case has clicking noise at the hinge. I even went to Apple Store to complain about this and check other Airpods cases. They all have the same clicking noise. It is not so Apple-like to put out this kind of products.

Finally, maybe you saw many people complain about this already. Airpods doesn’t have any noise cancelling whether it is active or passive, making it not suitable when you are commuting by airplane. If you are commuting on the road it might be good to have no noise cancelling so you can still have awareness about your environment. But you have to crank up the volume really high as well. Additionally, you can only tell Siri to control the volume. No gestures are supporting this behavior.

Find My Airpods

Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Airpods

  • You can use one Airpods at a time to double the battery life, if you use it only for calling.
  • You can update your Airpods firmware by connecting it to your iPhone and go to Setting > General > “your Airpods name”
  • You can set different behavior when you double tap your left and/or right Airpods by going to Setting > Bluetooth > press the “i” button on your Airpods.
  • You can use Find My iPhone to search for your Airpods last connected location.

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