airpods gen 2 review

Apple AirPods Gen 2 Review

The world has been swept by Apple with its AirPods. It becomes the meme. Even many people who mock the design at first now starting to accept it. They start wearing AirPods everywhere now and it has been out of stock quickly. The key point that makes AirPods so special and unique is its convenience, the way it connects to iOS and MacOS is still the easiest amongst all of the competitors. Apple gets the message and improves it further with its AirPods Gen 2. Even though, it seems that they did not read the message completely.

Dedicated H1 Chip for AirPods Gen 2

Apple AirPods Gen 2 with H1 Chip

Apple designs its own chip to be powerful and efficient. We could see from iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch raw performance. It is amazing how they did it. What is surprising is that AirPods gets its own dedicated chip. Apple calls it H1 chip, the H stands for “headphone” I guess. This chip does the heavy lifting now. It connects to the Apple device 50% faster than the original AirPods and even better battery life on calling.

Call Quality is Improved

Most people that use AirPods are using it for calling. Apple knows this and figures that it should improve its microphone further. During our testing, it has a significant improvement compared to AirPods Gen 1. It detects your voice well and the background noise cannot be heard by the other side party. However, if you are calling in a busy environment, chances are you need to crank up the volume or else you will not be able to hear the other person talking clearly since AirPods Gen 2 still using one-size fits all design and no noise-canceling solution. However, Apple just released new PowerBeats Pro line-up for this solution.

Better Audio Performance in Bass department

AirPods 2 Better Bass

There are 2 improvements being made if you use AirPods for listening to music. The first one, it is louder than the first gen AirPods. Compared to Gen 1 that has to crank up the volume to 60-70% while listening to music in the outdoor environment, listening with 55-60% percent volume is enough with the Gen 2. Although it is not significant, there are some songs instruments that never been heard before when using AirPods 1 but it is heard using AirPods 2, this could be improvement wider range of sound as well. The big improvement is in the bass performance, AirPods 2 has more heart-thumping bass than AirPods 1 without sacrificing the sound quality on vocal and treble.

Better Battery Life in both Listening & Talk Time

AirPods Gen 2 Better Battery Life

Apple claims that the battery life is increased in talk time, but similar in listening time. Since AirPods Gen 2 is louder, I don’t have to crank the volume as high as in Gen 1. This result in slightly better battery life in music listening time for me. For talk time, it is definitely a big improvement. Calling has been an issue for me in the original AirPods since it always dies on me. However, with AirPods Gen 2, I can talk with my family and friends longer than usual.

Wireless Charging Capabilities and “Hey Siri” features

Hey Siri on AirPods 2

If you already invest in wireless charging already for the future then it’s good. AirPods 2 have this capability but it will cost you more. Even though Apple cancels AirPower, there are still plenty of wireless chargers out there that promises you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods together, like Nomad Base Station.

Compared to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Siri is not that powerful but sometimes still can be helpful. By adding this features, you don’t need to set double-tap just to call Siri to increase/decrease the volume (that’s the only way to do it if you don’t want to put your phone out). Rather, you can set left and right earbuds to do other commands instead.

AirPods has no Competition for Casual Listener

If you commute a lot, you will appreciate the AirPods convenience and now it connects even faster with better battery life. However, if you are using wireless earbuds only for a workout, there are better choices. I can recommend Powerbeats Pro and also Jaybird Tarah Pro easily because of their sweat and rain resistant.

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