Anne Pro 2 Review : The Ultimate Budget 60% Keyboard

If you just jump into the 60% keyboard world. This keyboard from Obinslab called ANne Pro 2 might be the one for you. For those of you guys who still doesn’t know 60% keyboard. It is a keyboard with only number and alphabets key, without arrow keys, function row, and numpad.

This 60% keyboard has a magic.

But Anne Pro 2 has different approach towards this 60% keyboard, they provide the functionalities like full-size keyboard. So to access the function row (F1-F12 keys) for normal 60% keyboard, you have to press FN keys + the number rows (usually 1 until + sign).

This function not practical enough, what if you are in a game and want to use this F1-F12? You have to lift your right hand off your mouse and press the FN keys to activate this. But Anne Pro 2 has something else called Magic FN keys. With this funciton, you can set the CapsLock key to be similar to FN keys.

Tapping is easier than having to press another button.

Another feature that makes me crown this 60 keyboard as the best is Tap Function keys. Most 60 keyboard has to press FN + WASD key to access the arrow key. While Anne Pro 2 has this function, they have something else called Tap function. By tapping the Right Shift key and FN1 and FN2 and Right CTRL key within the time window.

Here’s an illustration for the Tap function that will act as an arrow key. Pretty clever, right?

Tap function on Anne Pro 2

Wired/wireless connection.

Anne Pro 2 also equipped with USB-C and Bluetooth 4.0, so you can choose whether you want it for wired/wireless mode. The Bluetooth 4.0 can save up to 4 Bluetooth Profile. To pair your Anne Pro 2 with other Bluetooth devices, you just need to press FN2 button and long press number 1-4 until it blinks rapidly. The pairing process took me sometime and I find it easier if I keep on holding the FN2 button and it always works after you manage to pair this keyboard with the devices.

RGB is still cool, right?

There are downsides that I would say about this keyboard, the Bluetooth pairing process and also the RGB light. Even though it is nice to have RGB light, I feel they cheap out on this one. The RGB light doesn’t have high frequency rate, so it is actually flickering if you try to record a video or took a picture. Other than that, this is still a great keyboard

Frequent software updates are rare these days.

You can also install their ObinsKit software to adjust their RGB and also to enable or configure some of their function, like Magic FN and Tap function that I mentioned above already. This software compatible with all platforms, Windows, Linux and even Mac. What’s nice about this keyboard, even though it is just Chinese keyboard, they got updated pretty frequently.

Pro tip : You can also lubed the switch and dampened the keyboard case to make it sounds better.

If you want sound test from my lubed and dampened keyboard also more in-depth review on this keyboard. Please check my video here :

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