AirPower and Black AirPods 2

Apple AirPods 2 and AirPower are coming this 2019!

Many sources tipped that AirPods 2 and AirPower might be coming after all this year. This is probably the best news after all. Apple announced Airpods back with the iPhone 7 after decided to remove the headphone jack on iPhone 7. While AirPower is introduced alongside with now discontinued iPhone X, the first iPhone that supports wireless charging. Apple actually promised to deliver AirPower on 2018 but because of some issues on overheating, they delayed the production.

AirPods 2 Features : New Color, Bluetooth 5.0, Health related sensor, and Wireless Charging

Consider this year’s AirPods is the S year of iPhone. Rumor said that it will have the same design however different internal and add some new color, typical Apple. There are many true wireless earbuds now, but AirPods is still the king of this segment because of it’s reliable connectivity and deeper integration with iOS. Many fans has been asking for Black or Space Gray Color for AirPods 2 to match their iPhone.

Black or Space Gray AirPods 2

Another technical related feature that will comes with this AirPods is Bluetooth 5.0 to improve its reliability and battery life. In Apple-fashioned way, it will include health-related sensor or deeper bass response which will results in the same battery life hours of the first generation AirPods. Someone even found a piece of code that will enable “Hey Siri” on AirPods so you don’t have to always double tap it.

Alongside with AirPower, AirPods will have wireless charging feature. They will also sold the case separately, so that first-gen AirPods owner can upgrade also. There are also some health-related feature to be expected. Since Apple now is focusing more on health wearables with their Apple Watch 4 and its health features. It will also have IPX rating for waterproofing, I believe it will be just shower-proof to withstand the rains.

AirPower Wirelessly Charge All Your Apple Devices


Apple has slower wireless charging power than others. iPhone topped at maximum 7.5W, while other Androids are in 10W territory already. I am not sure why, but probably it has something to do with AirPower also. They want AirPower to power your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time without worrying about the placements of the devices. It can be done by making multi-layer of wireless charging coil, however it can results in overheating. Apple probably already calculated this and make iPhone on 7.5W. Will you buy AirPower when it comes out? It will probably cost around $200 (THB 6,000 or IDR 2,500,000).

Should You Buy AirPods 2 and AirPower?

I want to see the pricing of the official wireless charging case, there are other companies that does this already such as Baseus Airpods Qi Wireless Charger and Sliq and they sell it cheap. It will be cool also if I can have the Black color casing only but my AirPods stays white. So you don’t have to upgrade to the new one except if you want better sound quality, waterproofing, and Hey Siri features. For now, I think AirPods has a decent sound quality but let’s compare it with the new AirPods 2 later.

For AirPower, currently there are other alternatives as well such as Nomad Base Station. In theory you could buy the alternative case for AirPods and use the Nomad Base Station to wirelessly charge all your device also. The price of the Nomad Base Station is quite expensive around $100, which I believe it will be still cheaper than the Apple one.

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